Demo Reel v.1.3

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is an image for my new class: digital imaging. It is basicly a Photoshop/Illustrator class. The assignment is sort of like one I had at Luther last year but I really didn't do all to great at it this time I used a picture I found on the internet of Neuschwanstein Castle and a picture that I took last year at Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin. I used a light filter on it to make it look like twilight and to help make the pictures blend a little better. The coolest thing I discovered is by using the magic selection tool which selects things sort of magically I was able to place the foreground trees from the background in front of the castle. It's pretty cool because most of the time I can only ever get it to grab impossibly small areas or the whole image but by playing with the tolarance back and forth I was able to make larger selections. I know what I just said doesn't make anysense to anyone even those savvy to Photoshop but that is why I will fall back on what I just said. It works sort of magically

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  1. I think you explained it pretty well. Impressive. I want to know how to do this. The castle really looks like it belongs.