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Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Thoughts work

A year ago now I had an internship with Random Thoughts Entertainment, an online game company. Some of my work can be seen now in their latest release, Crossfire, Dungeons. Here is some of the images from that. I made a Pike-man, a Dwarf with a blunderbuss, and a dwarf with a huge axe. If you want to play this game or any of their games they are free and you can find them at: Anyway I should have some fresh stuff to put up with the Succubus model I am working on now. For some reason her top wont stay on and she's showing her goods off.


  1. Maybe that is just how she wants to be, showing off her goods that is.

  2. It's a succubus :D

    What do you expect?Wear bras and thongs? Naah :D