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Friday, November 20, 2009

This is not an art related post. As many of you know or could at lease guess, I am currently unemployed. I came to a decision recently to reenlist in the army National Guard for at least one more year and pursue a full time job as an administrator. I have enjoyed my time in the military, plus I just need a job, plus it pays really well for someone not trained in admin per say. My only real worry is that my schooling will be affected. My only real conflict is that I have to pass my PT test (ie. run.) I have always hated running. I could give you all sorts of scientific reasons why you shouldn't run. I could give you personal reasons why I shouldn't run. But it is a standard for the army and I must pass it.
So all of this week I have run. I found a program on the internet that is supposed to help you get trained in just 4 weeks. The first week you run a 1/2 mile and walk the rest of two miles and every week after you add one more half mile to the total run, subtracting a half from the walk. I walked from my front door to the track (exactly a 1/2 mile away) at the High School in my home town. Starting on Monday morning I ran 1/2 mile and walked 2 miles. Tuesday the same except it felt a little better. Wednesday I added an extra half a lap to my run. Thursday, I ran my 1/2 mile than ran the lengths of the track and walked the curves. This adds up to running 1 mile. This morning I ran my 1/2 mile ran my lengths and added one more full lap around the track. This adds up to a mile and 1/4. I am done for this week but I am going to keep on this program the week of Thanksgiving. If I can do it through Friday of next week than that will be a true test to my commitment.
I feel that the change I made to get better was nothing more than a new mantra to say to myself while I was running. It used to be "I hate running," or "this is torture" or "I can't breathe" now I tell myself "I love to run." I know that it's not true and in fact is sarcasm, but I hope that soon it might be true.
I hate to give up a hate of something. I am a pretty positive guy and so when I have something I detest it really becomes the focal point of all my aggression. I think that, that is a healthy way to be. So it's like giving up an old pare of shoes, giving up something you hate. Your familur with it you know all it's flaws. You are comfortable dispite that it is no longer good to hang onto it. In the case of the shoe, you should really get rid of the shoes once your big toe is hanging out of it. With the thing that you hate, you might realize that there is something to be gained by no longer hating it.
I still think there are healthier ways to exercise but as I said it is an army standard and thus I have to do it and I might even start to enjoy it.

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