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Friday, November 20, 2009

Color Theory

My second class that I have longed for, for a long time (I'm sorry I love how that sounds) is color theory. A strange class to long for, I know but I feel that we have only ever skimmed the surface. In all of my education from elementary school forward we have talked about which colors mix to make what, in chemistry we learned about how color's work and how. But this class can teach me how to mix paints to get a specific goal. one thing I learned in this class was that in the early 1930's there was a National Bureau of standards which was in charge of categorizing colors. the project was scraped when categories like grayish, yellowish, pink had over 30,000 entries (Understanding Color by Linda Holtzshue.) It is a fun class where I get to play around with color. So far I haven't had to even get my hands dirty but starting this next week we should be playing with paints.

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