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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dragon slaying

It has been a while a guess. Some people have expressed longing for more of my work. Okay not really but I figured it was time I showed off this work that took up a few weeks of my life. My wife is a choir director and she has inherited a Madrigal dinner from her predecessor. She did a very good job and part of that was due to adding a play to the dinner. The play called for a Dead Dragon to be Dragged-in. This is my contribution to the dinner. The dinner was over a month ago but before I had a chance to take some photos it got stuck away in back stage to be used later for another project down the road. Here it is it is probably 8 feet long from end to end. It is made of foam liner for couch cushions. The tale is stuffed with cotton batting and the torso is framed with card board. The bottom has felt to make it silent when dragged. The Horns are made out of Paper mache. This was a fun project and I will have to do more prop work in the future. Anyway be sure to post on my blog what you think.

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  1. wow, looking at the first pictures I thought that it was alot smaller. He is cute. The pictures are impressive. Have you included these pictures in your profolio (sp?), could you?